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Gift card (paper)

  • Gift cards must be spent all at once, and remainders will not be reimbursed if the order total is less than the value of the gift card
  • Gift cards may not be exchanged for money
  • Only one gift card can be used for one order (you cannot use several small gift cards to pay any one order)
  • If the final order total is greater than the gift card value, an invoice will be sent for the remainder
  • The gift card will be sent to you as a letter via post
  • If you want the gift card to be sent directly to the recipient, you can write the address in "Alternative delivery address" when placing the order.

When buying a gift card:

  • Select the desired sum for the card
  • Select "Gift card" as the delivery method
  • If you want your gift card to include e.g. a congratulatory message, you can enter this in the Additional information field
  • You will get an order confirmationto your email and the gift card will be sent to your address as a letter in 1-6 working days.


Product Price
Gift card 20 EUR20.00 €
Gift card 30 EUR30.00 €
Gift card 40 EUR40.00 €
Gift card 50 EUR50.00 €
Gift card 60 EUR60.00 €
Gift card 80 EUR80.00 €
Gift card 100 EUR100.00 €
Gift card 120 EUR120.00 €
Gift card 150 EUR150.00 €
Gift card 180 EUR180.00 €
Gift card 200 EUR200.00 €
Gift card 250 EUR250.00 €